UI UX Course Outline

UI UX Course Outline

1.UI/UX Design and over view: Understanding UI and UX design and their difference, Design thinking process, Difference between good and bad design, discussing case study, creating idea and sketching

2. Design basics part 1: Familiarization with Tools: Figma, Sketch to Figma,

3. Design Basics part 2: Introduction to Colors and typography, How to combine colors and typography and composition of a componant of a website or app

4. Design Basics Part 3: introduction to Photoshop for images. Create a simple landing page

5. UI Design system: Creating mobile apps and web apps with a design system. Intro to UX Design

6. UX Design Part 1: Understanding the user mindset, Perception of information and Human action analysis(Gulfs), Heuristics of Design

7. UX Design Part 2: Requirement gathering, Research methods, How to conduct user interviews, empathize with users and have a better understanding of the problem, Protocols to follow

8. UX Design Part 3: User research revise, Data extraction and analysis of the data collected during the user research process by using Mapping process.

9. UX Design Part 4: Coming to conclusion, Understaing different navigation patterns of an app or website. Understanding sitemaps: how and why to create a sitemap.

10. UX Design from UX data part 1: How to create a content strategy and how to create an Information architechture of your project(app or website), Intro to wireframes

11. UI Design from UX data part 2: Creating a High fidelity wireframe, Intro to prototyping, Finishing the visual design process of UI.

12. UI Testing: Understanding usability testing and How to evaluate your UI.

Bonus Class: How to prepare your case study.

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